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Would this be an acceptable way of sending out my Christmas cards? Honest opinion please?

I would like to send my X-mas cards (bought a bunch at the dollar store) but with the price of stamps these days, it is a bit expensive.

I would like to send them all as COD for the stamp amount.

COD = Cash on delivery.. So basically the people that would receive the x-mas card would need to pay the 42 cents for the cost of the stamp in order to get the card. Plus, I'm not sure if I can request COD for 42 cents - especially for a stamp ... anyone know?

Would this be an acceptable way of sending out my Christmas cards? Honest opinion please?
Just do it and worry about details later. sounds like great idea.
Reply:In my opinion very poor taste - don't do it. Cut down list to appropriate number of stamps you can afford. I believe the post office no longer accepts anything without stamps - or COD as you put it. If you have a return address on them, they'll be returned to you.
Reply:Cheap. Tacky. Don't do it.
Reply:I'd send`em e-cards instead. I doubt you could ship christmas cards COD. I think it has to be something bigger and heavier since the postal service bills by weight.
Reply:No. If you cant afford to send the card,dont send them at all. It is supposed to be a gesture to let the person know you are thinking of them. You can get a roll of stamps (100 stamps) for $42 at the post office.
Reply:if you don't want to buy stamps then hand delivery them or don't send them.

It is wrong to send them COD and I hope you are joking.

It is rude to send something to someone and expect them to pay. (perhaps they also don't like the price of stamps)

Maybe you could just call them on the phone, or email them.
Reply:uh, that is pretty tacky.. if that is how you plan on doing it, then just don't send them.
Reply:don't do that if that is a problem send out over the internet to the ones who have email addresses and the ones that don't mail or take by their house if local
Reply:That is a terrible idea. Why should anyone pay for your postage? Instead of being an obviously cheap jerk, send out ecards. Just go to www.hallmark. com

Also, I doubt that the post office will deliver COD cards. You get the prize as Scrooge or Grinch of the year.
Reply:COD for cards is too cheapo. Might as well don't send them at all.
Reply:I would send the cards in a package so if a few people live beside each other then send the few to one person and ask them kindly to pass them on, the other way is very cheap and i would refuse to pay the delivery charge regardless of how much it would cost. In fact you would be more appreciated if you sent a community card for your friends in each area
Reply:how would you feel if you received a card from someone and then had to pay money for it? its cheap and if makes a nice gesture look bad. if you can't afford stamps then don't send the cards via mail. hand it to them in person or send them an e-card via the internet. having the people pay for their own postage stamp is low. sorry to be harsh but it is.
Reply:That is in terrible taste.

Send e-cards to everyone you have an email address for and a letter.

For the rest you should be able to afford stamps.
Reply:Personally I would think it tacky but that is just me. Why don't you send an email if the money is that tight?

You can send them without postage as long as there is no return address, and yes, the postal carrier will ask the person receiving the card for the 42 cents.
Reply:This is an excellent idea! if you post like this, next year no one will want anything from you! So you'll save even more cos you'll need no cards!
Reply:I'm assuming you're joking...right?

I don't mean to be rude if you're not, but this is like Santa leaving each child a bill.
Reply:I'm sorry, but this is tacky. If you can't afford to send Christmas cards, don't send them. Otherwise, buck up and spend the $.
Reply:That's a little bit cheap in my opinion.
Reply:VERY VERY VERY tacky
Reply:No, just don't send if you can't afford stamps.
Reply:I don't think that's a very good idea. How many times do you send Christmas cards a year? If you don't want to pay the money to send the cards, you shouldn't have got them in the first place. 42 cents a card isn't that bad, even if you send 20 cards, that's less than 10 bucks. Come on, cough it up, it is Christmas, after all.
Reply:Cheap cards sent without postage: A true Grinch.
Reply:my dear, happy christmas I wish you in advance, my dear why you waste your money If you ensist me then I gave you my address.....oh, no dear it's jocking I am not like that special that some one spend our important money on my . so I gave some fantush idea you just wake your painter who inside you and make some painting on that beautiful day and enjoy your festival with love and joy. my dear I am not gave more answers that's why I have attend only one question I think you understand me my dear......------deep heart lara
Reply:Sorry, that is not acceptable.
Reply:I think COD would make people pissed...
Reply:No, that is not acceptable. Why would they need to pay for a stamp?

If you really can't afford to pay for postage, send the people who have email or communicate often via email with you and send them a Christmas e-card instead of mailing one to them.

These are my favorite e-card sites (with christmas greetings):

Virtual Florist:

123 Greetings:

And for the other people who you hardly communicate via email or don't have access to email, send them a snail mail christmas card with the postage. This should save you money.

Is the opinion of others of you more important that your own opinion of you?

Do you need other-directed-reaffirmation more than you need self-affirmation. For most of us, myself included, we need our life affirmed by those most important to us, including our bosses. My father was a supervisor in a lumber mill. He said that employees were more motivated by praise from their superiors than from any other means, including pay raises. Are you self-actualized, or do you need your life defined by others?

Is the opinion of others of you more important that your own opinion of you?
Good question. As confident as one may be, I believe that confidence, if not generated, is at least reinforced by the relationships with others.

We humans can not live alone. We require the stimulus and interaction with others. Your example of your father is excellent. I have found the same to be true with my company. However it goes one step further. As "the boss" I also enjoy the respect of my employees. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have one express their gratitude for my commitment to them and the customers. They understand that without that, there would be no job for them.

But back to you question. We all need affirmation from others. But the degree in which we need it varies. And the way we attain it varies also. I am not in a position to get it from my "boss". But I do seek it from my customers, vendors, and employees. That doesn't mean my life is defined by them. That's my responsibility.

So by extension, I would have to say I am self-actualized.

The most important point is, in the end, ones station in life doesn't really matter. We all need and want the same thing.
Reply:Great question! Life is full of ups and downs when we need affirmation by, bosses, important people. It will also be filled with disappointments because one is always waiting...waiting to be appreciated, waiting to be thanked, waiting for affirmation, waiting for an apology. Eventually, you look within and if you and your conscience agree, "good enough".
Reply:Ah, you're talking about me now - lol.

I am more self-actualized than most I do not need my life defined by others.

It came from a mother who loved me unconditionally and a strong support system as a youngster and more importantly - genetics I think. My family for the most part is like me. Though, I am the most comfortable in self.

This is what others strive for their whole lives, but alas, it comes with a steep price. The people around you will resent you and do everything in their power to break you.

I switched jobs a lot to escape. Later on, I would meet past co-workers who admitted that they were jealous of me. A couple said they 'wanted' to be me.

Their actions hurt my career a lot finally I prematurely quit working all together and now I am the most content than I've ever been.

I am better off when not around others. I do not feel lonely nor do I miss 'life'. I find happiness within myself and my family circle.
Reply:I only disappoint myself when I do not live up to my own principles. I value your opinion only because it is an aspect of who you are. It is the outcome of your life experiences, and it reflects your purpose, which is something beautiful. I only give my opinion when I recognize something beautiful, or I see something which will enlighten you on your life's journey. I accept people's opinions in much the same way. The connection between the giver and receiver becomes all the more enchanting when the opinion given resonates with the receiver's own inner guidelines.
Reply:Not any more I don't. You see aging does have it's benefits and that is one of them.

I grew up my whole life trying to please my father or husband.

When they praised me, I was happy. I felt I had done good.

Certainly it's important to please your boss but that also has limits.

I know it isn't possible to just please ourselves all the time and depend on others for that pat on the head.

Some opinions of other matter and some don't. As long as you can distinguish which ones are important, then all should be well under your skin.




Reply:We see ourselves in the others mirrors then the others opinion is important ... but the rate of importance depens on the persons and diffrent from one to one.
Reply:I don't try to let others define me. I live for myself, and as long as my opinion of myself is good, then that's all that matters to me.

Is popular opinion important? I mean,is it valid or just useless opinions? Should people pay attention to it?

just because everyone is doing it, it doesn't make it right.

People do things which are convenient to them. And when it becomes convenient to many, it becomes popular. What makes something important is what people view as important. Everything we do is for our OWN benefit. People pay attention to things they think they would be good for them. IT DOESN'T MEAN IT IS NECESSARILY RIGHT.

we must have good disgression to distinguish which are valid or useless popular opinions.

If you were a dirty politician, you would be dying to be a popular choice, wouldn't you?


Is popular opinion important? I mean,is it valid or just useless opinions? Should people pay attention to it?
People should make their own opinions and then look at the popular, if they are able.

But yes, popular opinion does matter.
Reply:Popular opinion is the opinion of the majority of people, so yes I would say it is. It should be considered and its weight taken into account, but remember that just because kids take a vote not to obey a parent doesn't mean its the best or the wisest thing.
Reply:popular opinion is how we got our President. whatever i meant by that? its your call.

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Do you want to work with an employer who didn't mention how much he paid for the work done?

I just talked to a guy today regarding a project needed to be done. It's kind of fair when he asked me whether I was interested and able to do that. He set a first appointment / a few hours for me to practice, in other words, to check my ability. (I would be like a amatuer jounalist - interview others and listen to their stories. I will think of a topic, prepare some questions, pick a interviewer, work with the team, or even by myself later on.)

However, he didn't say anything about money I would get even when I do it well or not. I totally d no idea about how I'd develop a healthy relationship...

Please share with me what you think. Your opinions are appreciated.

Do you want to work with an employer who didn't mention how much he paid for the work done?
My first response is: did you ask him?

It's very important to settle these matters, preferably in writing, before you commence work.

Have an agreed weekly, daily or monthly rate. Work out possible issues in advance: travel expenses? What if you need to work beyond reasonable hours? What are payment terms? When? How?

From experience: go with your gut.

You can get stung by unscrupulous people. Normally, if you ask them questions like those above, they will reply 'ah, we'll sort it out later', 'don't worry, I'll take care of it', etc.

If they are serious and honest, THEY will not let you start work unless both parties are very sure what the financial side is.

So ask. In detail.

Even better, if you know someone who can give you inside information about their experience.

Don't do it unless you get a good answer and you feel comfortable with it.
Reply:First off when you have an interview if the employer does not mention how much the position is paying, you do. There is no point in going to a trial and then finding out it has a really crap pay. This is what you go to work for, so it should be mentioned. Don't just try to make a good impression, because then they will think you are a push over.
Reply:Sleep with him and you should get a pretty penny.
Reply:i can do it
Reply:You may end up getting no pay at all. Other than the pay, you should go further into the details such as the expected project timeframe, etc.
Reply:hell no
Reply:I wouldn't want to.

Maybe you can just say, "Excuse me, but I don't believe we ever settled on a salary."

Why don't you make today the day you find out how the war in Iraq is being paid for?

As with most topics here in the political section, I see a lot of uneducated opinions and misinformation as to how we're paying for this war. I will try to shed some light on this topic:

War funding for both Iraq and Afghanistan has come in the form of supplemental appropriations outside the normal federal budget process. Typically these "supplementals" are used to pay for unexpected emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina, and they receive much less scrutiny from Congress.

After four years the Iraq war is still being funded with supplementals. In December, congressional budget leaders from both parties sent a letter to President Bush asking him to start paying for Iraq through the traditional budget process. The administration has done that in its 2008 budget year request -- but not before asking for another $100 billion supplemental to keep the war going through the end of this year.

What that means is the funding for the war hasn't even STARTED to hit the budget yet.

Why don't you make today the day you find out how the war in Iraq is being paid for?
I was thinking along those same lines this morning. Our deficit increases are fairly close to the amount spent on the war. Those purchasing Treasury notes are helping to fund the war. The Chinese.
Reply:The same way Washington does everything. Pay a little down and "borrow" the rest, and hope be out of office when the economic buzzards finally come home to roost.
Reply:"I think it's hard to argue it's not affordable," said Steven M. Kosiak, director of budget studies at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a defense think tank in Washington, D.C.

Hogwash... if that is not expensive then why isn't that money being used for something better like education, healthcare or space travel? Why is it all right to spend 500 billion dollars on murdering 655 000 Iraqis? Imagine $500B, i think with that money the US could start a program to give hair to all bald people, puppies to all bored children and there'd be enough left over to give condoms to all the poor souls who think the only way to avoid AIDS is to wear a chastity belt.

Edit: Crushem, does Iraq deserve the US?

Maddog, do you know what a war of choice is? nobody forced the US to go into Iraq. in fact, as i remember it millions of people turned to the streets to prevent this catastrophe. The excuses that war kills innocents, or that war is unpredictable, really do not cut it. This is your responsibility. Everyday the US stays on Iraq is another day that WILL LIVE IN INFAMY. Mark my words, the US will be remember as little better than Nazi Germany. It is time to get out and pay reparations. Or be accustomed to the label: Outlaw Nation.
Reply:Its obvious you're a liberal, everyone knows that once Bush took office money started falling from the sky and the war hasn't cost us a thing!!

Long live Bush and the Congress!
Reply:Great, so Bush destroyed America. I feel really effing safe from terrorists now.
Reply:Sad to say, but our fellow Americans are pretty dumb. A recent survey found that half of college age Americans could not find New York state on a map, and only 37% could point at Iraq on a map.

What do you expect?

Our nation is made up of 10-15% of very smart people who control the remaining 85% at will. The herd will always follow.
Reply:and this is different than any other police action or war in America's history. No; what do you expect dude... war is pretty unexpected!

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Opinions if I should pay off my mortgage or keep money invested?

Bought my home in 03. Owe around $209K on mortgage @ 5.25% 30 yr fixed interest rate..... I have the cash right now to pay it off entirely but wondering if that is a bad idea considering the interest rate is so low and I am making more on investments right now? Opinions?

Opinions if I should pay off my mortgage or keep money invested?
Math answer is that you should not pay it off because you can make more money on your investments.

Human answer is this would reduce stress a huge amount. Your home would be safe no matter what happens to our economy. If your boss lays you off next week or your spouse gets sick or whatever, your house payment is one worry you don't have.
Reply:if inflation keeps up the value of your 209K will will be about 190K with interest (est.). So you can pay 209K today and the value of those $$ tomorrow will be about 20K less. you can take the same $$ and invest it and produce even 4% would give you a better return. the key is to have loans during inflationary times as the value of the $$ to be paid back decreases more than the interest rate. if inflation is a 4% and your interest is 5.25% you have a 1.25% real rate of interest. which is really low, no need to pay that back fast. If the other money can produce greater returns in other investments outside of realestate, use the capital to diversify your investments and let the mortgage continue, also this will help with taxes as you get your full deductions then on the interest expense, if you paid off your loan you would have to take on more debt to balance the tax payments at year end.
Reply:wow, that is an excellent query!

U did not state what the other

return is. My suggestion is to

try a 2nd option--

pay down on the mortgage this way

[and keep your other money invested]

---a; get permission from the lender

to make 2 payments a mo., on the

first and 15th.

b; along with each payment, make

a 2nd payment equaling the first payment. State on that check that

it is to go to principle only.

in under 12 yrs, your home will be

paid for in full.
Reply:If you are making more on your investments you already know the answer. You obviously were smart enough not to refinance and pull all of the equity from your home, I would pay it off when you do not expect to be making more with your liquid assets.
Reply:the best way to find an answer for a question is trying to explore a approach among an abundant of is a good one.
Reply:If your investments are making more (or the same), I'd keep the loan in place. Your rate is low and your able to deduct the interest off your taxes as well.

Why do so many people care about the opinions of over paid, typically undereducated celebrities?

I guess they don't trust their own judgment. I am not influenced by the opinions of celebrities.

Why do so many people care about the opinions of over paid, typically undereducated celebrities?
Because most people are underpaid, typically undereducated average joes
Reply:because they don't have an opinion of their own.
Reply:Because their lives are far more important and valuble than mine.

Paris Hilton lost her doggie again?! WAAAAAAAAAH!
Reply:Society needs someone that looks pretty and can daydream about.
Reply:...because that's the way this pop culture works! We tend to look at them as role models....when in reality they're just as slob and mean like the rest of us. Attribute it to media...the same entity who is so far suceeding in eroding the moral values of man.
Reply:I honestly have no idea. Especially actors. Even if you like an actor's personality in a certain show, it does not mean that is who they are in real life. So why do they care about someone who they don't even know. Why do people think celebrities opinions matters. The majority of the time they are just trying to keep up their image.